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wouldn't be madness without it being grim! this was cute af, it's nice to see stuff from ya again arfy! we've missed you! ~ <3

Awesome, awesome to the MAX. i fuckin LOVE seeing all the madness characters in FULL anatomy form too, holy shit is that fucking awesomee

Absolutely amazing man, i can't believe we actually get to watch your flick in it's entirety at almost 8 years!! that's insane!! WELL i must say it was definitely worth the wait, every other action in this piece is fucking awesome, i'm actually pleasantly surprised that you actually still retained all of your animation skills aside from just working on this every so often, it's still looks pretty damn good! the backrounds, environments, and story is being told so incredibly well too, i love the tension you create in certain scenes too, hell even some emotion can be brought up here n there too; it was pretty sad to see nick die because i actually really liked his character in the previous installments and i can definitely feel his loss and suffering he's gotta put up with, which; atleast he went out like a man heh, but everything else man holy shit, i know you were saying you found some newgrounds audio to place in the movie here n there but MAN is it fuckin good, especially the atmosphere and the ambience it's just bursting at the seems and it's so much to take in, fuckin FANTASTIC musical choices here, hands down. sound effects wise ya gotta love still hearing the classics from the ole ' madness sound sheets or sprite packs here n there lmao, holy shit i almost busted a gut at that low rate luger gun fire sound, but MAN was it nice to hear that again, ya can't EVER get tired of the past man, EVER, and using those small notes here n there REALLY make the movie shine and even make it seem like it CAME from the past, during that fresh 2007 - 2008 era, which is even BETTER, i also noticed lmao that i think bottle dropping sound, it still has some backround ambience too it i think from the previous installments and that gotta chuckle outta me too like i can imagine you placing that sound thinking "ah fuck it if people can hear it i don't give a shit, i love it" and i really vibe with that kinda mentality lmao, GRAPHICS wise it's nice to see the characters get just a small upgrade here n there like the dirt on karlie & dr connor, that shit was awesome to see, and seeing the dr plug his hands into that JESTER zombies eyes and the jester zombie lets out that shreak, was laughing my ass off at how cool that was, his punch to his face was really satisfying aswell, like FUCK that guy! another few highlights was seeing SO many awesome methods too like the 3D effects you have on the backrounds when karlie is running towards the wall but the wall COMES over on the side like that for her to take cover, then the dr just comes SPRINTING in firing his magnum at the biker and the biker returning fire, hitting the walls n shit, GOD was that fuckin so goddamn cool, spectacular shit man, hands down, then the small detail of the dr being sort of cloaked from the zombies because he was already infected, some really cool shit! that actually threw me through quite the loop lmao, the other highlight was seeing that one biker RUN up the stair case and just SLAM the door shut on all those zombies that were coming through that was hysterical aswell, it's nice to blend in some comedy with such a bleak and dystopian world that you created ;D ALTHOUGH! just a feww small nitpicks (cause it wouldn't be a madness review without one heh) i did notice a few pixelated backround items n zombies here n there but i can foresee that, with how big this project was it doesn't matter if you take a few shortcuts here n there, cause i can gurantee if you hadn't done that it would've just BARELY been able to be completed, let alone exported, all those drawings on screen WOULD be alot to handle lol, and maybe just a FEWW sort've choppy animation bits here n there, like when the giant mutant grabs onto the helicopter and tugs at it a few times i did notice some small choppyness here n there but aside from that this movie is flawless across the board, thank you for making it, and thanks for keeping your word on finishing it, it was worth all the suffering and having to deal with life's horseshit after all man, bravo, and have a good day. <3 :)

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Thank you so much! Glad you caught some of those smaller details too :) This being an older project at its roots, I figured it'd definitely have its flair of classic Madness stuff, such as the sound effects. I had some trouble with some of those .jpg files for some of those backgrounds, but I may try to re-export some things here soon and fix them up. Thanks again!

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Awesome game, loving the music too! only thing i'd probably change would maybe be the reload animation for the weapons; make them unique! make ' em whacky! the small loading transition is a little lazy but i can't imagine animating 200+ gun reloads would be a walk in the park Lol

Back to your roots, and it's AWESOME, been a fan of yours since the "Sonic Breaks His Neck Day's"

Splapp-me-do responds:

Hahah thanks! Man, Sonic Breaks his Neck... what was all that about

music was awesome, game was awesome, nice gun sounds to :D

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fuckin badass

god i love the fuck outta this track, it sounds so fucking cool

VERY nice

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I CAN DOOO THIS! I FEEL GREAT! YES YES YES!!! lmao great art work btw!

CayFettArt responds:

Haha the best Piccolo line. Thank you!

fucking awesome, can't go wrong with sly man... NEVER

GOD that's fucking awesome holy shit!

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