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2014-05-08 06:19:15 by Spaderz

Hey DOod's Spaderz Here, just makin a new update since i was gettin tired of seeing the same screen of Absolution Lol, Well Currently i'm still managing school and what not along with other various gmod stuff that'd i like to finish first untill i resume animation on Absolution (30% done). i haven't animated in atleast 2 months to be precise :\, BUT! that's a good and a bad thing, It's good because now i can resume with a positive attitude and a faster pace, since the whole 2 month break, but it's also bad because i could have had a majority of it done within that 2 month span >:C

Once i finally complete my gmod movies first, then i'll continue on absolution along with another project that's been in the workings for awhile :P So untill then, Later.



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2014-05-08 08:44:34

Thanks for the news dude

Spaderz responds:

np DoOd


2014-05-08 16:49:54

He knows his stuff

Spaderz responds:

haha yep